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I H8 Ang-Zahy-I-Tee

I am about 9 or 10 weeks off Effexor now. Now that I am non-medicated, it seems I have massive anxiety. Lucky me!!! It has been an anxious week, for sure. More than that, I realize now that I have … Continue reading

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Frustrated About Frustration

A Keen Observation by My Wife: During a discussion the other day, my wife said that she has noticed me getting frustrated about being frustrated (when I get frustrated). This is a very astute observation: I get mad at myself … Continue reading

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The Greatest Fear of All

Children raised by NPD parents have one great fear, being found out: being found to have adverse feelings about the abuse, having the audacity of calling it abuse in the first place, and/or seeking help for the psychological damages of … Continue reading

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How the Beatings Began, Sometimes

In my house, you never knew when the mental and physical assault would begin; you just knew it would. If you got your ass kicked by mom once in a week, it was a good week. There were few times … Continue reading

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          I learned to Compartmentalize My life At a very Early age.   I learned to make Honeycomb in which To deposit each pain, To keep separate From every other pain.   Little walls were built~ … Continue reading

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Complex PTSD or C-PTSD

For me, the result of long term physical and psychological abuse is that I have C-PTSD. This is a relatively new area of psychology, and differs in many ways from PTSD. The main difference it loss of self. I have … Continue reading

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Waiting Out The Storm

When the storms are raging, be it from depression or stress, a clear perceptive may not be attainable. If you wait out the storm, till calmer times mentally, the answers can come more easily. By trying to force your way … Continue reading

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