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That Moment…

There is that moment when you realize that the game is rigged, the rules are one-sided (and not favoring you), you have lost, and there is nothing you can do about it? Today is a day like that. I find … Continue reading

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To You (You Probably Think This Post Is About You)

As the family illness eats you up, and your hatred and self-loathing fuel your descent into premature dementia, remember this, you cannot harm me. I am surrounded by love and support. We hold each other up as we walk into … Continue reading

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Cirrus Minor

Cirrus left the Bar late that Evening~Hell Bent on heading Home to his wife And three adoring Children.   A crowd of men~ Inebriated~ Three or more, Surrounding A dame or two, Showing off Attempting to score, Stood in front … Continue reading

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You’re the Boss

You see, but do not say, Are, but cannot be, Hear but do not listen, Lie, and put it all on me. You act strong, when you are weak, And disparage those that are meek, Fear what you do not … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Depression

Society still stigmatizes those who suffer from depression as weak. I have recently heard stories of public service agencies and doctors outside the mental health field being ignorant of the heroic life people with depression live. It takes a brave … Continue reading

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