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The Anxiety in Spain Falls Mainly in the Plain

In the mail yesterday I received a new counselor recommended workbook called The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety. I spent about 30 minutes today flipping through it to get an idea about the book, its principles, and its tone. The … Continue reading

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I H8 Ang-Zahy-I-Tee

I am about 9 or 10 weeks off Effexor now. Now that I am non-medicated, it seems I have massive anxiety. Lucky me!!! It has been an anxious week, for sure. More than that, I realize now that I have … Continue reading

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It Puts the Lotion on the Skin……

Since coming off Effexor six weeks ago, I have begun experiencing all sorts of interesting new and old sensations and emotions. I’m sure I will write about them all, but today I wanted to address one physical manifestation of emotions … Continue reading

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Frustrated About Frustration

A Keen Observation by My Wife: During a discussion the other day, my wife said that she has noticed me getting frustrated about being frustrated (when I get frustrated). This is a very astute observation: I get mad at myself … Continue reading

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The Advice I Get

I know I have been harping the subject of  NPD abusers as of late, and I promise this is the last for a while. I have a ton of anger associated with this subject. My Original Abuser (OA)  has NPD. … Continue reading

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This is the Good Stuff!!!!!

Ready for a ride???  I just read Characteristics of Narcissists by Anonymous and pow! was I ever right back in it again. This is as close as I have ever seen to a complete picture of my childhood. A few … Continue reading

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And Away We GO!!

I am three days into a 9-12 week journey to come off Effexor. I detail the issues involved here. I am taking 1/2 my previous dose, and will do so for 2-4 weeks when my dose will 1/2 again.  The … Continue reading

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