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Remission and Invitation

During my annual physical last week, my doctor asked me how I was doing with my depression. I said, “Doc, I gotta tell you, its been about 2 years since my last depressive episode. The longest I had gone before … Continue reading

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I H8 Ang-Zahy-I-Tee

I am about 9 or 10 weeks off Effexor now. Now that I am non-medicated, it seems I have massive anxiety. Lucky me!!! It has been an anxious week, for sure. More than that, I realize now that I have … Continue reading

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It Puts the Lotion on the Skin……

Since coming off Effexor six weeks ago, I have begun experiencing all sorts of interesting new and old sensations and emotions. I’m sure I will write about them all, but today I wanted to address one physical manifestation of emotions … Continue reading

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Being Unafraid of Pain

This was in my inbox today. This is they kind of stuff I have been learning in counseling. You don’t have to be afraid of pain. If it’s going to be there, you can let it be there—but don’t let … Continue reading

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The Narcissistic Parent – LIGHT’S HOUSE

A very good read!     The Narcissistic Parent – LIGHT’S HOUSE.

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Mother’s/Father’s Day

These “holidays” can be excruciating for those that suffered abuse at the hands of a parent. For those of you with a shitty father, this one is for you!

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Fight, Flight, or Kindness

Growing up with an NPD Abusive parent, my life was full of fight or flight. When I was being beaten (using a belt, usually the buckle side), there was always a point when I would pass my threshold for pain … Continue reading

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