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Seeking the Approval of Others (as a way to escape approving of myself)

I can remember in 5th grade when Mrs. White hit me over the head with a magazine for asking for my missing homework assignments, again. Now I can freely admit that I was a hyperactive child and thus a nightmare … Continue reading

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The Narcissistic Parent – LIGHT’S HOUSE

A very good read!     The Narcissistic Parent – LIGHT’S HOUSE.

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…And When I Was 14, I Suddenly Woke Up…

That’s right. When I was 14 years old, I suddenly awoke out of the fog of my childhood, took a deep breath, and said, “what the hell!” It could have been a scene in a twilight zone episode. It was … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Narcissists

******Advisory******   This is a Public Service Announcement!!!! When confronted on any issue regarding their own inappropriate behavior, narcissists will use your insecurities to manipulate you into believing you behaved badly.   ******Advisory****** Related articles How to Spot a Narcissist … Continue reading

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Mother’s/Father’s Day

These “holidays” can be excruciating for those that suffered abuse at the hands of a parent. For those of you with a shitty father, this one is for you!

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Frustrated About Frustration

A Keen Observation by My Wife: During a discussion the other day, my wife said that she has noticed me getting frustrated about being frustrated (when I get frustrated). This is a very astute observation: I get mad at myself … Continue reading

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A Blessing and a Curse, and the Reverse

Being raised by an NPD parent, one of the survival strategies I developed was to show no emotional response to statements my abuser made that were inflammatory and intended to start a “drama.” This survival strategy was far from perfect, … Continue reading

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