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To You (You Probably Think This Post Is About You)

As the family illness eats you up, and your hatred and self-loathing fuel your descent into premature dementia, remember this, you cannot harm me. I am surrounded by love and support. We hold each other up as we walk into … Continue reading

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Cirrus Minor

Cirrus left the Bar late that Evening~Hell Bent on heading Home to his wife And three adoring Children.   A crowd of men~ Inebriated~ Three or more, Surrounding A dame or two, Showing off Attempting to score, Stood in front … Continue reading

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Ann and Destiny (a short story)

            Today everything seems old.  Sitting in this diner in a burgundy booth with Ann and Destiny, I feel older than I have ever felt.  The seats of the diner are worn thin from too many plump asses sliding in … Continue reading

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