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Remission and Invitation

During my annual physical last week, my doctor asked me how I was doing with my depression. I said, “Doc, I gotta tell you, its been about 2 years since my last depressive episode. The longest I had gone before … Continue reading

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A Blessing and a Curse, and the Reverse

Being raised by an NPD parent, one of the survival strategies I developed was to show no emotional response to statements my abuser made that were inflammatory and intended to start a “drama.” This survival strategy was far from perfect, … Continue reading

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How the Beatings Began, Sometimes

In my house, you never knew when the mental and physical assault would begin; you just knew it would. If you got your ass kicked by mom once in a week, it was a good week. There were few times … Continue reading

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AIDS of the Brain

I have heard it said That tough times Make you stronger~ Idiomatic expressions Exist in abundance That illuminate This point with Succinct eloquence.   I guess I should be Thankful to be alive, Yet there are times I am not. … Continue reading

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The OA (Original Abuser): A Course In Anger Management

I am 43 years old. As I look back at my life, I realize that I have had to deal with many persons that had similar psychological issues as my original abuser. This occurred in school, the Armed Forces, and … Continue reading

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The Story of My Life

I still remember the look Of panic on her face when Her parent’s new 1978 Polaroid Camera flew out of her hands, Sinking out of sight into the Mirky Southern California ocean. She was a grown up 5th grader Now, … Continue reading

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C-PTSD and Me Part 3

     My counselor said two things to me that put into perspective how serious my C-PTSD and depression is: 1) Yours is the worst case of abuse and neglect I have ever seen, 2) I don’t know how you … Continue reading

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