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Gravity and Air Pressure

I start here and go back there. I start there and end up back here Again. Too much to take in. There’s too much to take in. Information crowds atop  my ignorance And pushes down on my body. It is … Continue reading

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Rocky Road and Ironside (Starring Raymond Burr)

When I was a youth, My school sick days, And many summer Vacation days, Were spent at Grandma’s house.   While there, I was Encouraged to flatline All brain activity in front Of the television.   At 12 noon everyday, … Continue reading

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I Choose To Remain

I could lock myself In a room, And never come out.   I could curl up In the corner~ Pull a blanket Over my head, And disappear.   I could dig a big hole In the yard, Jump in and … Continue reading

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The “I Am Your (Step)Father” Blues

I love you, I really do.   Sometimes you Love me Back~ Other times You barely Tolerate my Existence~   Still other times You send all the hate You can muster, Past and present, Suck the air out Of the … Continue reading

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The Failings of The American Corporate Structure

Hide as you will Behind the rules And procedures that Were enacted to insulate You from all culpability, You have been found to Be a fraud, sir, By those that you have been Given charge to lead.   You have … Continue reading

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          I learned to Compartmentalize My life At a very Early age.   I learned to make Honeycomb in which To deposit each pain, To keep separate From every other pain.   Little walls were built~ … Continue reading

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AIDS of the Brain

I have heard it said That tough times Make you stronger~ Idiomatic expressions Exist in abundance That illuminate This point with Succinct eloquence.   I guess I should be Thankful to be alive, Yet there are times I am not. … Continue reading

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