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Iago Complex

    You know when you step in dogshit, and you sit down to clean your shoe with a stick and you realize just how embedded into the tread the shit has managed to get itself? And then you think … Continue reading

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Why Modern-Day Christians Piss Me Off

  My grandmother always claimed to be a Christian. She kept a bible on the table next to the chair she sat in. It was a red bible.   My grandmother wasn’t a nice woman, though you would not know … Continue reading

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Foes, and Other Assholes

    I have been heavy of heart this week. I will not go into the details, but the details brought on larger topics for my brain to digest. As I write this, please do not think I am taking … Continue reading

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…I Shot a Man in Reno Just to Watch Him Die…

1) Did you ever see the movie Duel? In the movie, a man (Dennis Weaver) is driving on a desolate desert road on a business trip and is being harassed by the driver of an 18 wheeler. As the movie … Continue reading

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They’re Feeding Us Shit on a Shingle!

How many morality tales have we seen in our lives? Between books, movies, and TV, we have all seen thousands, and they are all bullshit, my friend. I know that sounds like a harsh way to look at things, but … Continue reading

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Throw Your Tithe To The Wind

There are so many Religions, So many~ Some hundreds, Others thousands Of years old.   The same old texts Are reprinted And retranslated And reinterpreted Decade after Decade~ And still the Messages remain The same:   Kindness, Love, Charity, Honesty, … Continue reading

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We Hate

Mankind has always tried To eliminate~alienate~destroy That which is different~ Undefined~unlike ourselves And our kin. We Hate. History is filled with pages About inquisitions~crusades~ Armadas~missionaries~segregation~ Woman’s lib~civil rights~gay marriage~ Lynchings~dragging deaths~bullying~ Monstrous Monsters. We Hate. We despise what we cannot define, … Continue reading

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