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The absence of heat, The absolute zero, Cannot exist in our Universe. We try. Science. Scientists try To eradicate heat And cannot. There is always heat. Likewise, There is always hope. Advertisements

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319 Part 2 (September 2011)

WOW. Here I am 2.5 years later. I am down to 319! Yes, I ballooned up again. Since the 2009 part of this blog, I have quit smoking (10 months), and have begun recording in earnest. I discovered that my … Continue reading

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Pressure causes B R E A K D O W N~ The leaves underfoot On a fall day~crunch Snap~ The Leaves under my Foot on a fall Day begin Decay~or are Helped on The Way.   Pressure causes B R … Continue reading

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Waiting Out The Storm

When the storms are raging, be it from depression or stress, a clear perceptive may not be attainable. If you wait out the storm, till calmer times mentally, the answers can come more easily. By trying to force your way … Continue reading

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