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To Dream

I have this dream That stops by on occasion To pay me a visit. It is familiar to me.   In this dream, I am running, Only running is Taking a tremendous Amount of energy To accomplish, More than it … Continue reading

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The OA (Original Abuser): A Course In Anger Management

I am 43 years old. As I look back at my life, I realize that I have had to deal with many persons that had similar psychological issues as my original abuser. This occurred in school, the Armed Forces, and … Continue reading

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319 Part 1 (April 2009)

Pounds, that is.  That is exactly how much I way as I write this. Now, I am 6’ 6” tall. WOW, was that a justification? So, I am a tall fat guy. This story is not one with an ending, … Continue reading

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Heaven and/or Hell

That moment that occursBetween conscious and unconscious~Between sleep and wake~Between dream and realityIs either heaven or hellDepending on whatLies behind yourWall of solitude. No one can travel with you~You are completely aloneWith your mind~thought~Past~fantasy~religion~self.Twist and turn~try to getOut~heaven and/or hellAwaits … Continue reading

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