Christmas Contract 1986–Welcome to My Nightmare

On Christmas Day 1986, I was presented with this contract. I had just turned 18, and was a senior in High School. There is a failed attempt at humor in here. I was forced to sign as a condition of my being able to have a place to live. There are some classic NPD moments in here:

1) Only I had to sign.

2) My attempts at change are assumed to be “feeble.”

3) She is going to blow her brains out, or I am going to blow her brains out… either way, it’s about what will happen to her.

4) Inappropriate view of mother/son relationship–last paragraph “Till death….” makes it sound like a marriage.

Happy Reading! Welcome to my nightmare!

**All the names have been removed**


1 = me; either my name or my signature.

2= her

8 =a term of “endearment” that was anything but… akin to “my little trouble-maker.”


About ~Drew

I am a survivor of childhood torture. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other, moving forward. To do any less would spell my own destruction. My music/poetry/prose deal with the devastating effect of this kind of abuse on a human being: me. My experiences/thoughts/ideas/misconceptions are exposed here for all to see. Here. I am lain bare, naked, hidden only be the cloak of anonymity.
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