U Keep Walking Forward

Society still stigmatizes those who suffer from depression as weak. I have recently heard stories of public service agencies and doctors outside the mental health field being ignorant of the heroic life people with depression live. It takes a brave person to face insurmountable odds every day, and still go on. The definition of bravery is: possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. Yet, when you check a box next to the word “depression” on a medical form, you are stigmatized. Those who acknowledge and work on their depression are truly courageous. I worry about the crazy bastards that have a position of authority that pretend to be an alter boy. It takes courage to face your deepest fears. We are truly in the dark ages in how society sees these people…my people.

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About ~Drew

I am a survivor of childhood torture. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other, moving forward. To do any less would spell my own destruction. My music/poetry/prose deal with the devastating effect of this kind of abuse on a human being: me. My experiences/thoughts/ideas/misconceptions are exposed here for all to see. Here. I am lain bare, naked, hidden only be the cloak of anonymity.
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  1. i’ve mentioned your blog on my sight in regards to the Versatile Blogger Award, I hope I’ve done it correctly, I am only learning about this. You’re writing is amazing.

  2. Just wanted you to know, that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. There is a shout out on my blog 🙂

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