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Personal Family Crisis

I am currently dealing with a family crisis that cannot resolve. I am sure I will blog about it at a future time. I have no energy to do it now. I am dealing with guilt, shock, despair, and hopelessness … Continue reading

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We Hate

Mankind has always tried To eliminate~alienate~destroy That which is different~ Undefined~unlike ourselves And our kin. We Hate. History is filled with pages About inquisitions~crusades~ Armadas~missionaries~segregation~ Woman’s lib~civil rights~gay marriage~ Lynchings~dragging deaths~bullying~ Monstrous Monsters. We Hate. We despise what we cannot define, … Continue reading

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Today, Everything Seems Possible

Putting one foot in front of the other, Or crawling on the floor, The ambulatory mode is not as important As the progression towards the goal.   Some months I move forward with such ease, A trained athlete at the … Continue reading

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More Poems Coming

I have not forsaken my poetry. I was so focused on my blog goal in November that I neglected other creative outlets. I am working on those right now, but the poems are still in my head, demanding to be … Continue reading

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