Playful Scribble

I think I have nothing to say!
It doesn’t happen often
So I am now quite perplexed.

Should I force some rhyme
To soothe my foetid thoughts,
Or make sure they are catalogued
                                and indexed?

Or should I do nothing at
All~and let this day pass
With no poetic contribution from ~Drew?

Alas~it comes to pass
That I wrote this playful scribble
On the back of a napkin for you.

~Keep Walking

Thanks to yuuki-chan for nominating me for The Perfect Poets Award@ Jingle Poetry. I nominate gosplewriter for week 34’s Perfect Poet Award.


About ~Drew

I am a survivor of childhood torture. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other, moving forward. To do any less would spell my own destruction. My music/poetry/prose deal with the devastating effect of this kind of abuse on a human being: me. My experiences/thoughts/ideas/misconceptions are exposed here for all to see. Here. I am lain bare, naked, hidden only be the cloak of anonymity.
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One Response to Playful Scribble

  1. Jingle says:

    everything is perfect,
    lovely poem,
    well deserved award,
    Glad to see you shine big…


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