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Image via Wikipedia     Oft times I delve Into the deep of my mind, In search of some sort Of answers to the questions  I seek.   Swirling around in there Is a mass of confused chaos– A redundant oxymoron … Continue reading

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The Green Girl and the Coffee Bean

Green locks, cloven hoof, desire, The fields open wide, expansive, The dancing blades are anchored in the earth, Rooted, restrained, reaching up to cumulus, cirrus.   A hill covered by millions, green tree On red hill.  Two watching for food, … Continue reading

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Repeat One Vs. Repeat All

Living with C-PTSD AND major depression is a rough road to travel. There are, however, days and weeks when life is pretty good. And then… the storms hit. This is how I live my day to day: I know the … Continue reading

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Cosmic Paperweight

I travel in reverse, and the span of a year back-pedals, I travel back to affront that which gnaws at me like acid, The valley opens up before me, the seat of fear, the landscape          of sorrow, The crossing … Continue reading

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I swim here, and the man Outside speaks again so that I can no longer ignore his Incessant, constant urgings.   “You young fool!” he screams,  “You move forward With no doubt as if you Were a fucking God.” And … Continue reading

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C-PTSD and Me Part 3

     My counselor said two things to me that put into perspective how serious my C-PTSD and depression is: 1) Yours is the worst case of abuse and neglect I have ever seen, 2) I don’t know how you … Continue reading

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    Sometimes the words are not forthcoming when the urge to express is so weighing upon me. In those moments, sometimes I push through the moment and a poem comes anyway. For an artist with depression, these moments are … Continue reading

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